Your Cybersole license key will renew automatically on the renewal date, you can find this date via the Account page on the User Dashboard.

If your renewal payment fails there will be numerous future attempts to charge your payment method until the license key is put on pause, after another calendar month has passed there will be another attempt to renew your license key following the same pattern as above; In essence this means you can “pause” your subscription by allowing the payment to fail and then renew the following month if required. This will continue indefinitely; Your license key will never be terminated or deleted due to a failed payment.

Cybersole cannot be held responsible if you fail to cancel your subscription prior to your due date and will not issue refunds for human error. 

You will automatically receive an email a few days prior to the attempted charge to warn you of the upcoming payment, you will also receive an email confirming the payment being successful and/or failing.

If you’re coming from an existing 4.0 based license key you will not need to renew until your existing subscription expires, once your existing renewal date is reached the normal billing process outlined above will take over.

Please note that renewal payments are issued approximately two days before your scheduled renewal date, this is to prevent any disruption to your service.

This two day period is to ensure the transaction goes through in time for your renewal and to ensure there are no issues with failed payments or bank delays. 


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