Your Cybersole license key will renew automatically on the renewal date, you can find this date via the Account page on the User Dashboard. Currently, our renewal fee is fixed at £50.00 GBP/month.

If your renewal payment fails there will be another 8 further automatic attempts over the period of 1 week. If all of these payment attempts fail then your subscription will be cancelled and your license terminated. If you wish to re-join Cybersole you will need to purchase a new license key via the waiting list and/or any other future purchase opportunities which may arise. Cybersole no longer has an upfront initial fee so if your license is destroyed and you decide to purchase again you will only need to pay the £50.00 GBP renewal fee.

Please note that the automatic payment attempts mentioned above (Referred to here on out as the 'Grace Period') will NOT come into effect if a payment method is removed or a subscription is cancelled; Your subscription must remain active in order for these payments to be attempted otherwise your license key will be terminated. If you do have any payment issues such as you're waiting on a new card to be delivered please leave your subscription untouched otherwise you will invalidate the Grace Period.

You can also opt to pre-purchase additional months on your subscription at a discounted rate via the User Dashboard at fixed intervals of 3 months, 6 months and 12 months, if you desire.

Existing users that have their license terminated will be automatically placed onto the waiting list and will have priority over non-previous users.

You can cancel your subscription at any time by navigating to the User Dashboard, then settings then "Update billing information". This will immediately stop any upcoming future payments and you will lose access to your Cybersole license after your billing period comes to an end.  If you decide to cancel your subscription you will have 7 days to re-subscribe otherwise your license key will be terminated.

Cybersole cannot be held responsible if you fail to cancel your subscription prior to your due date and will not issue refunds for human error. 

If you’re coming from an existing 4.0 based license key you will not need to renew until your existing subscription expires, once your existing renewal date is reached the normal billing process outlined above will take over.

Please note that renewal payments are issued approximately two days before your scheduled renewal date, this is to prevent any disruption to your service. This two day period is to ensure the transaction goes through in time for your renewal and to ensure there are no issues with failed payments or bank delays. 


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