License Key Management

Inside the Account page you will be able to basic commands for your license key(s) remotely such as resetting the license key so it can be used on another device. If you hover over one of your license keys you will see three icons appear, the first of which resets your key as mentioned above, the second copies your license to your clipboard so you can easily paste it and the last icon will show advanced settings. On the advanced settings pop-up you will be able to view the license history (Such as when it was last activated/deactivated), rename your license key for convenience, shuffle the key (This replaces your license key for security) and even allows you to rent out your key privately to another individual by setting your own time-limitations; Putting you in full control without the need of any third-party rental markets.



To activate your Cybersole license key you will firstly need to bind it to your account via the Account page then proceed to launching Cybersole on your computer or server, logging in and then selecting the appropriate license key to activate. To deactivate simply click “Log out” inside Cybersole itself or click the “Reset” icon on the Account page on the specific license key you wish to reset.



To unbind a license key from your Cybersole account you will need to navigate to the Account page then click the license key you which to unbind and then tap the “Delete” button.  This action can not be undone, the only way to re-bind the key back to your account is by clicking the “Bind New License” button on the same page.


You can shuffle your license key for a small fee of £15.00 GBP anytime you desire by going to the Account page, hovering over the license key you wish to shuffle and then tap the settings icon. Here you will find the “Shuffle” button, once you’ve clicked this you’ll be able to confirm your purchase before your new license key is issued.


Extra Activations

To purchase additional activations simply navigate to the Account page and select the “Extra Activation” button, this will bring up a pop-up that will allow you to set the length of your additional instance of Cybersole. Once the duration has passed your instance will automatically be terminated. Occasionally, we may offer promotional offers where users can obtain an additional activation (or instance) at a reduced rate - We only do this for specific releases based upon user demand. These limited promotional periods will be announced solely inside the Discord server; Extra Activations cannot be sold and can only be activated on the same account across numerous devices. 



As stated on the dashboard; All prices are subject to change without notice, based upon market conditions.

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